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SMART Portfolios

Your SMART portfolio will be built and managed by our investment managers according to your risk profile:

(1) Low Risk with High Liquidity Needs or

(2) Moderately Aggressive Looking for Growth and Income or

(3) Aggressive Looking for Growth.

The portfolios for the different risk profiles will differ in the investment in different asset classes of Funds and Fixed Income, with the portfolios for the more aggressive risk profiles having a higher exposure in Funds than in Fixed Income.

Your SMART portfolio primarily invests in a diversified portfolio of Unit Trusts across geographical regions, countries and industry sectors.

Yes, you have direct ownership of the funds in your name.

Your portfolio holdings are diversified into various asset classes, regions, countries or sectors.  The underlying Unit Trusts and other funds are also diversified through their holdings of many underlying securities.

You can view your portfolio online 24/7 via Phillip Wealth Management website here or via MyWealth mobile app. Don't have the MyWealth mobile app? Click here to download. 

Your SMART portfolio will be rebalanced as and when necessary according to the investment managers’ view of the prevailing market conditions.

Yes, you will receive monthly statements via Phillip Wealth Management website here.

Yes, you may invest in more than one SMART portfolio and each portfolio will require a separate online application and risk profiling.

No.  Your SMART portfolio is managed at the discretion of our investment managers to achieve optimal asset allocation based on your risk profile.  The optimal asset allocation may be adversely impacted if we allow our account holders to add, replace or sell off any of the individual funds held in their SMART portfolios.

The SMART Portfolio performance is posted on the "Our Portfolios" page, under the "Portfolio Performance" section. 

SMART Portfolio was launched in Mar 2017.

Our clients are categorized into the following risk profile:

R1 – Low Risk With High Liquidity Need

R2 – Moderately Aggressive Looking For Growth and Income

R3 – Aggressive Looking For Growth

The Composite Performance is denominated in SGD. Composite Performance returns (the “Composite Returns”) for periods more than 1 year are annualised. The Composite Returns represent past performance and is not indicative of future or current performance which may be higher or lower. The Composite Returns are based on unaudited results of the composite which comprises of client accounts with invested portfolios that have been aligned with the investment mandate of this managed account service and include reinvestment of dividends and income and, is net of all fees except performance fees (if any) which are included only at year end. Individual portfolios returns may vary from the Composite Returns. There may be client accounts with portfolios that have not been aligned with this investment mandate and are not included in the computation of the Composite Returns.

Yes. We understand that one's risk appetite can change over time.


If you are looking to lower your risk profile (e.g. R3 to R2, or R2 to R1), you will need to:

1. Download and complete the Service Conversion Form 

2. Email a scanned copy or clear photo of the completed form to digichannel@phillip.com.sg 


If you are looking to increase your risk profile (e.g. R1 to R2, or R2 to R3), you will need to:

1. Download and complete the Service Conversion Form AND Client Suitability Assessment*

2. Email a scanned copy or clear photo of both the completed forms to digichannel@phillip.com.sg

* Note that the result of the Client Suitability Assessment must tally with the desired risk profile. Should the result of the Client Suitability Assessment reflect a lower risk profile than the preferred risk profile, you will not be eligible for the service conversion. 


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