Phillip SMART Portfolio
A Smarter Way to Invest

Phillip SMART Portfolio “SMART” is an investment service that matches a best-fit portfolio based on your online risk analysis. Let us help you take control of your investments and grow your wealth.

  • Low starting investment amount of $300

  • No upfront fee, no brokerage fee, no performance fee, and no platform fee

  • Low management fee

  • Proprietary algorithm built by data scientists

  • Managed by professional portfolio managers

  • Fast and simple online account opening

  • Online access to your portfolio holdings

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The New Wave of Investing

Our Portfolios

We build a diversified portfolio for you.

Online Risk Assessment

An online risk assessment to help you decide your investment style.

Low Fees

Fees matter. Over time, even small fees can make a big dent in your bottom line.

Periodic Rebalancing

Our portfolio managers periodically rebalances across asset classes and reduces volatility to help your investment growth.

Stress-free Investing

It takes time to study the market, choose the right investments and rebalance your portfolio.


Online access to your portfolio holdings.

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Our Management Fee


Risk Assessment

Portfolio Matching

No fee for top-ups and withdrawals

No upfront fee, No brokerage, No performance fee, and No platform fee

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