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Before you go on, please take a minute to read the opening note.


The public portal “MoneySense” 1 properly highlights:

“There is no one best investment product for everyone. What is important is to determine your investment objective and needs, then assess which product is suitable for you.

Do not rush through the process. Take time to understand the product and consider whether it meets your needs before you finalise your decision. Read all documents and forms before you sign anything.”

Equally no one model fund management service, including those offered by Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (“PSPL”) under its Managed Account Services, is the best model fund management service for everyone. Suitability of PSPL’s Managed Account Services for you remains important for you to determine and/or confirm before you finalise your decision to take on any option of PSPL’s Managed Account Services.


Determining your investment profile is a multi-part process.

Generally this involves the determination of your financial position and investment objective in the context of your financial needs (both present and as may reasonably be expected) and risk profile.


Important Information:

a) All investments are intended for the purpose of making a return BUT are subject to risks. Intended returns are not guaranteed or assured. There is always a chance that investments made by you or for you will lose you money – even all the money you invested. Generally to hope to achieve higher returns, you will have to be both prepared and able to accept a higher risk of financial loss. This is because investments that offer potentially higher returns are generally more volatile (i.e. their prices tend to up and down more frequently and erratically) and risky than those offering potentially lower returns. This is what is called the ’risk/return’ trade off.

With respect to your investment profile therefore, the investment risks you are both willing and able to take with respect to your investments (hereafter generally referred to as “investments”) – i.e. your “risk profile” – is probably the most important baseline factor in determining the suitability of any of the actively managed portfolios available under PSPL’s Managed Account Services.

b) A condition for PSPL’s consideration of your application for its Managed Account Services therefore is your accurately providing PSPL with your risk profile along with relevant confirming information and evidence.


As noted above, in addition to your risk profile, PSPL will also need to be informed of your financial position, investment objectives and financial needs to be able to have a reasonable basis for assurance that the portfolio you select in your application for its Managed Account Services is not, by reasonable inference, unsuitable for you based on the information you provided.

The above basic categories of information collectively are intended to and should (if properly provided by you) allow an inference of the type of investor you are and therefore the types of investments or investment services suitable for your investor type.

This questionnaire is intended to guide you in giving PSPL the information it needs to reasonably understand what type of investor you are. PSPL needs proper information for all information categories. You must therefore respond to all questions and requests for information in this questionnaire.

While it is a guide to what PSPL is seeking as information from you, this questionnaire is not however intended to restrict the information you may or should provide to PSPL to enable PSPL to properly understand the type of investor you are. This is because no single set of questionnaire will be appropriate to secure the required information from everyone.

Where you have information that has not been asked for in this questionnaire but which are reasonably relevant to also be provided because they are relevant to any of the categories of information to determine the type of investor you are, you should provide such additional information. If you do not provide such additional information, you will be deemed to be telling PSPL, and by signing off on this questionnaire you will be acknowledging and agreeing, that no additional information are relevant to help determine the type of investor you are both for the purposes of your application to PSPL for Managed Account Services generally; and also by reference to the specific portfolio model you have selected in your application for Managed Account Services.

1 http://www.moneysense.gov.sg/understanding-financial-products/investments/guides-and-articles/key-questions-you-should-ask-yourself-before-buying-an-investment-product.aspx