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Phillip SMART Portfolio invests primarily in Unit Trusts listed on major stock exchanges. It may also invest in Exchange-Traded Funds, closed-end funds, investment trusts, business trusts and Exchange-traded notes.

Periodic Portfolio Rebalancing

With any portfolio, market fluctuations cause your asset allocation to stray from its target. When that happens, it’s time to rebalance by buying underweight and selling overweight asset classes.

Rebalancing is critical to successful investing. Your Phillip SMART Portfolio efficiently rebalances across asset classes and reduces volatility to help your investment growth.

    Using both Top-Down and Bottom-up Approach Team’s core competencies:
    • Country Specialist
    • UT Specialist
    • Fundamental and Technical Analysis
    Access to regional research network

Portfolio Performance*

*Composite Performance data as of 31 Oct 2021. The Composite Returns represent past performance and is not indicative of future or current performance which may be higher or lower. Notes on Portfolio Performance here.


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